Freemium (Free: 200 texts & 10 languages per project)

Reduce the developers' app translation time by 90%!

Reduce Number of Steps

No longer manually edit Strings in different languages when adding new keys.

Reduce Context Switches

Don't even leave the context of your Swift file – stay focused.

Pluralization made easy

Full support for pluralization via Stringsdict files without the need to learn about their syntax.

Sort Selection

Alphabetically organize selected code right in Xcode using buttons RemafoX adds to the Editor menu.

Multi-Line Code

Expand parameter lists or other collections to multiple lines with one click to improve readability.

One-Line Code

Instantly condense multi-line code into a single line, reducing clutter in favor of concise code.

Machine Translation

Setup your DeepL or Microsoft Translator API keys and machine translate your entire app.


Get warnings for translation issues such as empty translations or duplicate keys.


Find translations faster in your Strings files by sorting their keys alphabetically.

Smart machine translation

Translating pluralized texts is made easy by an automatic language-aware mapping of plural cases.

Storyboard/XIB Synchronizer

Automatically update the Strings files of localized Interface Builder files on changes.


Lots of expandable explanations, step-by-step guides and even video guides available.

Flexible Payment

Advanced features are available via both subscriptions and one-time purchases.

Regular Updates

This is just the beginning. With monthly feature updates, more things are on the horizon.

Free Tier

For smaller projects, most features are fully available. Open Source project get all features for free!